Knowledge Point School - Teaching Workshops

Our Teaching Workshops are open to everyone. Reqardless of what stage of the Knowledge you are on or the training material you have been using, there is a class designed to suit you. Our teaching staff are not only working taxi drivers but are also vocationally competent being qualified to teach to a PTTLS Grade 3/4 standard.  
Knowledge Point School Workshops can be booked online in advance or paid for in the School Shop.

Monday's 6pm Appearance Preparation Workshops
A must for those who are struggling with appearances. Suitable for all stages.


Tuesday's 6pm Special Session Workshops
These classes are designed for those students about to start or who are making appearances. 


Wednesday's 6pm Beginners Blue Book Workshops
An essential for anyone studying or wants to freshen up on the 1st Set of Blue Book Runs. Complete at least 40 runs before attending.





Unlimited Workshops for 1 Month 

Attend all the workshop as many times as you like for 1 month for a one off fee of £60.



NEW - Online School Membership for 1 Month 

Online Video Classes, Recorded Classes, Daily Sheet, KP App Subscription, Call Over Room and School Classes. Select Playlist 2, then click on any video in the playlist to make the purchase.


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One Month School Membership