Green Badge Knowledge Introductory Seminar


If you or anyone you know wishes to become a London Taxi Driver you need to first complete "the Knowledge."

For those wishing to understand what is required when embarking on the Knowledge, we invite you to attend our famous Introductory Seminar which is designed to provide you with all the facts you need to know to start with the application process, through to tackling the Blue Book Runs and using your time effectively in order to help you achieve your qualification in the shortest amount of time.

Currently, we are not holding any Live Introduction to Knowledge Seminars. However, you can watch a previously recorded session below.


Topics Covered:   The Next Session will be on:
Application Process  

Thursday May 2022 at 6pm
Thursday June 2022 at 6pm
Thursday July 2022 at 6pm
Thursday August 2022 at 6pm

What is the Knowledge  
How to get Started  
What is needed i.e. Training Material  
Benefits of our Teaching Workshops  
How to maximize your study time (inc. Call Over)  
Examination Process  
Question & Answers Session  

Below is some feedback our customers have sent us based upon their experience of this Free Introductory session. If you would like to add your own comments please click here >
"I thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge intro talk with Derek last wed. I had been thinking about just getting started doing the runs and not going to a knowledge school but I can now see the huge benefits of attending your sessions. Derek is an excellent presenter and kept at the right pace imparting all the relevant and necessary information...and batting away untimely/irrelevant questions in a friendly and professional way. I’m looking forward to signing up for some sessions once I have 10 or more runs under my belt." - J Kelleher
"Having attempted to complete the "Knowledge" previously, and acting upon poor advice I will admit to being somewhat sceptical on this attempt. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived for the free introductory lesson with Derek. I found his presentation to be accurate informative and left with no illusions as to what would be required. In my opinion, the correct blend of historical information, how the knowledge was devised and an introduction to the systematic methodology required to learn the knowledge. The description of the methodology required to achieve a working knowledge of all areas covered in the knowledge, how to apply the method, and demonstrations of how the correct application of the methodology will help achieve results both efficiently and effectively was in short inspirational." - S Brooks  
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