KP App

The 2.1 Version is here.  Full of new features and functions to help you keep on track with your Knowledge studies. It's a simple, elegant and powerful tool you can trust and use without any training. 
1. Use the App without any membership. Simply purchase books and keep them on your device without subscribing, although free registration will still be required.
2. Point Sheets Membership at £20 per month unlocks all features. Books sold separately and back up must be created on a regular basis. 

3. Blue Book Membership at £5 per month will unlock all features except Point Sheets. Books sold separately and back up must be created on a regular basis. 




1. Points Sheet updated throughout the day as appearances sent.
2. Points Revision by stage/postcode/examiner/category
3. Blue Book and other books on device
4. Quarter Mile Points in Google map or traditional map
5. Audio Recording 
6. Add notes to points or runs
7. Pass or Fail feature on runs and points with statistic on overall progress
8. Revise Failed runs or points 
9. Point Sheets sorting by stage/examiner/times asked
10. Google Map view of Point Sheets
11. Exact Latitude/Longitude location on the map for each point
12. Point Quiz on Daily Sheet
13. Pointing Filter by postcode and area with progress tracking
14. GeoPointing feature with live location of points nearby
15. Create your own notes folders
16. Point Quiz 
17. Notice Board with the latest Knowledge related information
18. Active online Store
19. FREE Automatic road and points updates to all books many other unique functions within the app. 




Currently it is only available on IOS devices. 

1. You will need to download and install a free FileMaker Go Application for your device. 


Click here to download Claris FileMaker Go for Iphone or Ipad (IOS 13.2)


2. Download KP App and open with FileMaker. Current version 2.1 (Released on 02.09.2019)


Click here to download KP App for Iphones or Ipads


3. When you first open the app you will be prompted about connections: you must select ALWAYS PERMIT CONNECTIONS. Then request your User ID from KP School by clicking on Request Button. Once you have received your User ID you will then need to enter it into the registration field to access the App. 

4 Items
Daily Sheet For 1 Monthly Only
Daily Sheet For 1 Monthly Only
Daily Sheet OFFER For 1 Year
Daily Sheet OFFER For 1 Year
KP App Membership
KP App Membership
£10.00  -  £25.00