Media Interest

Taxi Trade Promotions and it's training arm Knowledge Point School has featured regularly in the media since it was founded in 1985. Television Companies from around the world including Argentina, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norwegian, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and of course the USA have all filmed features at Knowledge Point School.
Closer to home the School has featured in series “Call me a Cabbie” shown on prime time ITV and repeated on Sky. 
Recently the school also featured in the very popular series ”The Apprentice” on BBC1.  
Other credits include "The Apprentice” and “How do they
do it” for the Discovery Channel.
Interest from both the newspapers and radio is also considerable, with articles about the Knowledge of London and the Taxi Trade on LBC Radio, BBC Radio and in ”The Financial Times”, ”New York Times”, “Daily Mail", “The Times”, “Evening Standard” and several local newspapers over the years.
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