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Knowledge Point School is the training arm of Taxi Trade Promotions Ltd and has over 35 years experience in training the Knowledge of London. We are the only Knowledge School to be subjected to an inspection by the Government’s Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI) for which we received an outstanding Grade 1 Award. We are also the only Knowledge School whose teaching staff are all working taxi drivers and qualified to teach to the PTTLS Grade 3/4 standard.  
Fees include FREE Point Sheets, FREE One-to-One Clinic, FREE Wi-fi & FREE Moped Parking.
  FREE Introductory Session
  This is a must for anyone about to embark or thinking of embarking on the Knowledge. This session will provide you with all the facts about the Knowledge and will help you achieve your qualification in the shortest amount of time. Learn More >
Teaching Classes  
Our Teaching classes are open to everyone regardless of what stage of the Knowledge you are on or the training material you have been using, there is a class designed to suit you.
Learn More >
   Call-Over Rooms
  Our Call-Over Rooms of which we have two, are also open to everyone regardless of what stage of the Knowledge you are on. These rooms can cater for up to 100 students and are open for a total of 52 hours a week. Learn More >

School Memberships  
We offer a wide range of different memberships allowing Knowledge students the options of attending Teaching Classes, the use of our Call-Over Rooms or a combination of both, be it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Learn More >  
  One-to-One Clinic
  This FREE and unique service has been designed to give Knowledge students who attend our teaching classes the help and advice they need related to the knowledge on an individual one-to-one basis. Learn More >
Below is some feedback our customers have sent us based upon their experience at Knowledge Point School. If you would like to add your own comments please click here >
"I would like to express my appreciation of the support and mentoring I have received during my first few weeks as a student at Knowledge Point School.

I have attended the Knowledge Point School since February 2013. Initially paying lesson by lesson. My first working group was with Peter. I found it both practical and pitched at the right level. I learned much including that my level of application was not sufficient. I was allowed to discover this by listening to other class members, their responses to the questions and information given by Peter and through Peter's guidance on what we should be achieving and how. In my opinion, this approach allows students at all levels to identify for themselves how and what they needed to do to achieve the knowledge. Thus providing an excellent fully supportive, all-inclusive learning environment.

I then partook in my first session with Derek. His initial introduction was informative factual, and certainly left me in no doubt what he was preparing us for. I was amazed at how I could get from Mile End station to Putney Bridge after six weeks. Not to mention from the Royal Free hospital to the National Maritime Museum. (Something I did not achieve after completing 320 runs previously and spending lots with another school).
The lessons have all been practical, focussed and presented in such a way as to ensure all present can be fully involved and in my experience to date would be difficult to improve upon, achieving the provision of an all-inclusive, workshop consistently is to be applauded. To do so whilst tailoring the session to the needs of all students irrespective of skill levels is nothing short of excellent.
On attendance at the Knowledge Point School, I have found all those working there to be kind, considerate genuine and obviously to have the needs of the students at heart. A good team again supporting and encouraging a supportive learning environment
This, in my experience, is reflected by all students that attend this school. Irrespective of skills and expertise students present as being focussed on their aim, and acquisition of knowledge. This encourages sharing of information co-operation and respect for each other.

I can honestly say that to date my learning experience with this centre has been the best it could be. As a direct consequence, I am committed to the Gold Membership, have resubmitted my application for the Green Badge, and look forward to the challenges related to developing the skills required to become an all of London License holder." - S Brook

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