A5 Pocket Blue Book Runs 3rd Set (081-120)

(VAT Free)
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We are very excited to announce that our new style 3rd Set of A5 Pocket Blue Book Runs, containing 40 Runs are now available to buy in store and online.These new Transport for London approved runs have been professionally produced and offer the following features:

•  The most up to date Blue Book Runs available.

•  Large scale accurate bespoke 1/4 mile mapping (no need for an atlas) showing:
     •  8 points plotted with full address.
     •  Many One-way Streets / No Left and Right Turns.
     •  Blue Book Run arrival and departure highlighted routes.

•  The most up to date Link Runs connecting the end of one Blue Book Run to the next.

•  Produced in a A5 landscape 4 hole punched single sheet format for ease of use and storage.

•  Supplied in a A5 clear waterproof pocket which slips over your knowledge board to protect your paperwork.

•  Created using our 30 plus years experience in teaching the Knowledge of London.

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