Taxis From Around the World

If you are wanting to explore a city, get to a meeting in a hurry, visit a friend, or just get home after a night of cocktails, there is nothing better than a good taxi service to make it happen.
Ever since motorised travel first came into use in the 19th century people with knowledge of the roads and attractions have charged willing passengers for their services.
Despite all the different types of transportation, be it a cab, tup tup, jeepney or jitney, we are all bound and aided by a common service: the humble taxi.

With the first taxi carriage services starting to emerge in 1897, transportation was often rickety, slow and motorless, with both driver and passenger unsure of the correct fare price.
The boom of industry in the 19th century resulted in motorised methods replacing animal taxis, although this is still common in areas of the world where vehicles would be impractical.
These include husky-propelled sledges, camels in the Sahara or elephant rides in Asia.

Even the prices vary dramatically, with haggling being common place in Peru, and taxi-sharing being popular in Nigeria.
Fares can be calculated per mile, with some of the most expensive being London's hackney carriage cabs at £2.56, compared to £0.30 per mile in India's equivalent.
The following infographic by The Taxi Centre unpacks all you need to know about all the different taxis around the globe, so getting a cab is the least stressful part of your holiday.

Image Credited to The Taxi Centre, Text by Becky Pemberton, Mail Online (Daily Mail)