One Minute Silence: Tunisia attack and the 7 July bombings

Today there will be a nationwide minute of silence at 12.00 today, 3 July, to remember the victims of the recent attack in Tunisia. On Tuesday, 7 July, there will be a further minute of silence, at 11.30, across the London transport network, to mark the tenth anniversary of the London bombings.

Transport workers across London, along with many millions of others, will be observing these silences on the two days to remember the victims of the attacks. We appreciate many taxi and private hire drivers and private hire operators and their passengers will naturally wish to mark these terrible events both at home and abroad by joining in with the silence.

I have no doubt that all of you working on that tragic day in July 2005 will have witnessed first hand some of the most difficult scenes across London as the realisation of what had happened sank in. As people looked to each other for support and understanding, many turned to taxi and private hire services. Many of us at TfL have heard numerous tales of the generosity and kindness of taxi drivers on that day and in the days and weeks afterwards, with large numbers of drivers giving their services for free to help those injured in the attacks, as well as the emergency services, transport workers and members of the public needing to get home.

The taxi and private hire trades played a vital part in the efforts to get Londoners home that day, and to get them back to work, in defiance of the terrorists who attacked our city, the following day and thereafter. Thank you - on behalf of all of us at TfL.

Transport for London