LTC Vehicle Warranty Improvement

The London Taxi Company has announced a vast improvement in its vehicle warranty, with all new TX4s now covered for 120,000 miles over 3 years, as standard.

The 20,000 mile increase in cover has been made possible through improvements in component quality and vehicle build processes implemented by the Coventry-based company over the past two years.

It is the first time in more than 10 years, that the Black Cab manufacturer has been able to increase coverage provide with its comprehensive, manufacturer-backed vehicle warranty.

Commenting on the change, Vice-President Peter Johansen said: “This is fantastic news. Not just for the trade, who will obviously benefit from this improvement in cover, but for The London Taxi Company as well.

“Two years ago, we pledged to put our customers first in everything that we do by improving the quality of our products and services.  This increase from 100,000 to 120,000 miles is a physical and tangible benefit, only made possible through a focus on improving both product and build quality.

“For my team, these changes are part of our commitment to continuous improvement. And for the trade, it’s a reflection of our confidence in our vehicle. A confidence they can now have too.”

Customers purchasing brand, new TX4s will all receive this new improved 3 year, 120,000 mile warranty cover as standard. Used TX4s are protected with a robust, 12 month, 50,000 mile manufacturer-backed vehicle guarantee, also included as standard.

As with the previous cover, customers can take their vehicle to any of the London Taxi Company’s Approved Service Dealers for required warranty work.

To find your nearest Approved Service Dealer, to find out more about purchasing a new or used TX4, or to find your nearest LTC dealer, visit london-taxis.co.uk

The Coventry Evening Telegraph