Driving Tuition Package

At Knowledge Point we offer both members and non-members the opportunity to take advantage of our driving package. Priced at £400, the package includes driving tuition with out qualified ADI, instruction on the wheelchair facility, cabology book and latest copy of the Highway code.

The package is broken down into two days of learning on the same week as the test, meaning that the information is still fresh. We pride ourselves in ensuring students are feeling confident and prepared following our support and teaching.

This pagage includes:
1 Hour Assessment Lesson
2 Hours At the allocated Test Centre location
1 Hour Concentrating on the Wheelchair Requirements
1 Hour General Refresher Lesson

We book the test for students, as the costs are covered in the package price at one of our selected test centres; Barnet, Borehamwood or Goodmayes. There is usually a six week waiting period for this and it is therefore encouraged that the drive is booked once 28 days standard is reached.

Bookings are made at the School, Knowledge Sudents must bring both sections of their driving licence and a fee of £150 must be deposited.