2000th TX4 Built

Coventry-based Black Cab manufacturer, The London Taxi Company, has just completed the construction of its 2,000th TX4 since the company restarted production in September 2013.

 LTC Vice-President, Peter Johansen said, “We are extremely pleased to have reached our 2,000th vehicle milestone so quickly.

“We are confident that we will continue to see a healthy demand for TX4 in 2015. The improvements that we have made to vehicle quality mean that the current TX4 is the best Black Cab that we have ever made, confirmed not only through customer feedback, but also via improved residual values.

“We’re demonstrating our increased confidence in our quality by extending our standard comprehensive 3 year warranty cover from 100,000 to 120,000 miles. This is all great news for LTC and for our customers too.”

New TX4 Elegance (Automatic) is available from £145 per week (£625 per month) with a deposit of £2,995 through LTC’s 4 year PCP deal, which also includes a year’s free road tax and 12 month’s RAC cover.

At the end of the term, this deal allows customers the flexibility to either buy their vehicle for a guaranteed residual value of £15,725, use the residual value to trade up to another new TX4 or to simply return the vehicle.

To find your nearest Approved Service Dealer, to find out more about purchasing a new or used TX4, or to find your nearest LTC dealer, visit london-taxis.co.uk

The Coventry Evening Telegraph