Green Badge Knowledge - Training Material

  FREE Sample Runs
This is a free sample of the first 6 Blue Book Runs and Pointing Maps to give you an idea of how we present our training material and will help you understand the learning process required.
  Starter Pack
This money saving Starter Pack is the most popular purchase for those beginners who require everything necessary to get started on the Knowledge. 
  Blue Book Runs
Our Blue Book Runs have all the runs worked out for you, a lists of 8 alternative points with addresses at the beginning and end of each run and mini maps showing the 1/4 mile radius areas.
  Blue Book Runs Audio Downloads
Our professionally produced Audio Downloads have been designed to help you with the correct pronunciation os Street & Road, fluidity of calling and the correct Street & Road sequencing.
  Maps and Atlases
We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of Maps and Atlases available anywhere, most of which are specifically useful for the Knowledge of London.
  Revision Cards
Revision cards have been designed to help you store and learn as much information as possible about Points, Set Downs, etc. These can also be used as a great game when calling-over.
  Cross Section Runs
Cross Section Runs are designed to refine your Knowledge. Ideal for street revision and for cut throughs in specific areas. An ideal training aid once you have completed your Blue Book Runs.
Rambles are the ideal revision aid for public places and points. You literally ramble around specific areas refreshing your Knowledge and re-enforcing your understanding of the 1/4 mile radius areas.
  Football Runs
Football Runs are designed as a compass direction aid using Football Clubs as the beginning and ends points. The idea is to link different areas across London creating a Union Jack effect.
  Daily Point Sheets
These Point Sheet are ideal for those on appearances. They are a list of the questions asked each day by the Examiners and are broken down into Standard order ie. 56, 28, 21 and REQ.
  Suburban runs
These Suburban Runs are the primary routes out to the perimeters of the Greater London Authority area, which you need to learn for your final examination and to complete your Knowledge!!
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