Blue Book Updates

Last Update on 19.10.20

For students who have already purchased our Blue Book Runs, please find below PDF's of updates that have occurred due to the ongoing changes around London.
All New Blue Book Runs 1st Set (001-040)
Run 002b Updated 23/09/20 - Queen Square, WC1 to Chancery Lane Station, WC1
Run 004a Updated 19/10/20 - Pages Walk, SE1 to St Martins Theatre, WC2
Run 004b Updated 24/09/20 - St Martins Theatre, WC2 to Australian High Commission, WC2

Run 011a Updated 23/09/20 - Timber Pond Road, SE16 to Grocers Hall Court, EC2

Run 012a Updated 24/09/20 - Barbican, EC2 to Mile End Station, E3
Run 034a Updated 23/09/20 - Stockwell Park Road, SW9 to West Dulwich Station, SE21

Run 038a Updated 23/09/20 - Stanstead Road, SE23 to Milkwood Road, SE24

Run 038b Updated 23/09/20 - Milkwood Road, SE24 to Brixton Water Lane, SW2
All New Blue Book Runs 2nd Set (Runs 041-080)
Run 041a Updated 04/10/20 - Kennington Station, SE11 to Nunhead Station, SE15
Run 042a Updated 25/09/20 - Lyndhurst Way, SE15 to Royal Circus, SE27
Run 051a Updated 23/09/20 - Southwark Bridge, EC4 to Goldsmith Row, E2
All New Blue Book Runs 3rd Set (081-120)
Run 084a Updated 23/09/2020 - British Museum, WC1 to Elspeth Road, SW11

Run 105a Updated 23/09/2020 - Overhill Road, SE22 to Marylebone Station, NW1

All New Blue Book Runs 4th Set (121-160)
Run 121a Updated 23/09/20 - Euston Station, NW1 to Brixton Prison, SW2
Run 126a Updated 23/09/20 - Dulwich College, SE21 to Vauxhall Bridge, SW1
Run 136b Updated 23/09/20 - Burton Court, SW3 to Ormonde Gate, SW3
Run 137a Updated 23/09/20 - Ormonde Gate, SW3 to Leman Street, E1
Run 140a Updated 23/09/20 - Homerton Station, E9 to Houndsditch, EC3
Run 146a Updated 23/09/20 - Seagrave Road, SW5 to Rectory Lane, SW17
Run 152a Updated 24/09/20 - Townley Road, SE22 to Grange Road, SE1
Run 153a Updated 23/09/20 - Stamford Street, SE1 to Stamford Hil, N16
Run 160a Updated 03/10/20 - Abbey Lane, E15 to Balls Pond Road, N1
Run 153a Updated 23/09/20 - Balls Pond Road, N1 to Highbury Corner, N1
All New Blue Book Runs 5th Set (161-200)
Run 168a Updated 23/09/20 - Bayswater Station, W2 to St George's Square, SW1
Run 169a Updated 23/09/20 - Victoria Station, SW1 to Liverpool Street Station, EC2
Run 169b Updated 23/09/20 - Liverpool Street Station, EC2 to Leonard Street, EC2
Run 171a Updated 12/10/20 - Union Road, SW8 to Red Lion Square, WC1
Run 170a Updated 23/09/20 - Leonard Street, EC2 to Thessaly Road, SW8
Run 172b Updated 23/09/20 - Eastcheap, EC3 to Blackfriars Station, EC4
Run 174b Updated 04/10/20 - Amelia Street, SE17 to Black Prince Road, SE1
Run 176a Updated 19/10/20 - Hawley Road, NW1 to Bryanston Square, W1
Run 185b Updated 23/09/20 - Princes Circus, WC2 to St Martin's Lane, WC2
Run 189a Updated 23/09/20 - Barnes Bridge Station, SW13 to Bromyard Avenue, W3
Run 199a Updated 23/09/20 - Lordship Road, N16 to Farringdon Station, EC1
Run 200a Updated 23/09/20 - Lever Street, EC1 to Hackney Town Hall, E8
All New Blue Book Runs 6th Set (Runs 201-240)
Run 201a Updated 25/09/20 - Broadway Market, E8 to Camberwell Church Street, SE5
Run 232a Updated 23/09/20 - Peckham Park Road, SE15 to Tulse Hill, SW2
Run 237a Updated 23/09/20 - Albion Square, E8 to Upper Holloway Station, N19
Run 238a Updated 19/10/20 - Archway Station, N19 to Gloucester Gate, NW1
Run 240a Updated 23/09/20 - Highgate Cemetery, N6 to Stoke Newington Church Street, N16
All New Blue Book Runs 7th Set (Runs 241-280)
Run 249a Updated 24/09/20 - Victoria Road, NW6 to De Beauvoir Square, N1
Run 249b Updated 23/09/20 - De Beauvoir Square, N1 to Penn Street, N1
Run 250a Updated 23/09/20 - Penn Street, N1 to Portland Place, W1
Run 252a Updated 23/09/20 - London Bridge Station, SE1 to Squirries Street, E2
Run 257a Updated 23/09/20 - Finsbury Circus, EC2 to Wick Road, E9
Run 260a Updated 23/09/20 - Hackney Central Station, E9 to Sidmouth Street, WC1
Run 262a Updated 23/09/20 - Glamis Road, E1 to Wordsworth Road, N16
Run 264a Updated 23/09/20 - Moorfield Eye Hospital, EC1 to Lansdowne Way, SW8
Run 275a Updated 23/09/20 - Sumner Road, SE15 to South Croxted Road, SE21
Run 280b Updated 23/09/20 - Southwark Crown Court, SE1 to St Paul's Station, EC1
All New Blue Book Runs 8th Set (Runs 281-320)
Run 290b Updated 19/10/20 - Gloucester Avenue, NW1 to Holmes Road, NW1
Run 292a Updated 23/09/20 - Essex Road Station, N1 to Hackney Wick Station, E9
Run 305a Updated 27/09/20 - Cannon Street Station, EC4 to Southgate Road, N1
Run 305b Updated 27/09/20 - Southgate Road, N1 to Pitfield Street, N1
Run 306a Updated 23/09/20 - Pitfield Street, N1 to Junction Road, N19
Run 318b Updated 23/09/20 - Guildhall, EC2 to Bancroft Road, E1
Run 319a Updated 23/09/20 - Bancroft Road, E1 to St Peter's Street, N1


Please Note - The updates above are all created as Adobe PFD's. You may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.