Blue Book Updates

Last Update on 30.01.21

For students who have already purchased our Blue Book Runs, please find below a list of updates that have occurred due to the ongoing changes around London.
All New Blue Book Runs 1st Set (001-040)
Run 002b Updated 23/09/20 - Queen Square, WC1 to Chancery Lane Station, WC1
Run 004a Updated 07/01/21 - Pages Walk, SE1 to St Martins Theatre, WC2
Run 004b Updated 24/09/20 - St Martins Theatre, WC2 to Australian High Commission, WC2

Run 011a Updated 23/09/20 - Timber Pond Road, SE16 to Grocers Hall Court, EC2

Run 012a Updated 24/09/20 - Barbican, EC2 to Mile End Station, E3
Run 034a Updated 23/09/20 - Stockwell Park Road, SW9 to West Dulwich Station, SE21

Run 038a Updated 23/09/20 - Stanstead Road, SE23 to Milkwood Road, SE24

Run 038b Updated 23/09/20 - Milkwood Road, SE24 to Brixton Water Lane, SW2
All New Blue Book Runs 2nd Set (Runs 041-080)
Run 041a Updated 04/10/20 - Kennington Station, SE11 to Nunhead Station, SE15
Run 042a Updated 25/09/20 - Lyndhurst Way, SE15 to Royal Circus, SE27
Run 051a Updated 23/09/20 - Southwark Bridge, EC4 to Goldsmith Row, E2
All New Blue Book Runs 3rd Set (081-120)
Run 084a Updated 23/09/20 - British Museum, WC1 to Elspeth Road, SW11
Run 088a Updated 19/11/20 - Myddleton Square, EC1 to Golden Square, W1
Run 090a Updated 19/11/20 - Moorgate Station, EC2 to Canonbury Station, N1
Run 090b Updated 19/11/20 - Canonbury Station, N1 to Canonbury Square, N1

Run 105a Updated 23/09/20 - Overhill Road, SE22 to Marylebone Station, NW1

All New Blue Book Runs 4th Set (121-160)
Run 121a Updated 23/09/20 - Euston Station, NW1 to Brixton Prison, SW2
Run 126a Updated 23/09/20 - Dulwich College, SE21 to Vauxhall Bridge, SW1
Run 136b Updated 23/09/20 - Burton Court, SW3 to Ormonde Gate, SW3
Run 137a Updated 23/09/20 - Ormonde Gate, SW3 to Leman Street, E1
Run 140a Updated 23/09/20 - Homerton Station, E9 to Houndsditch, EC3
Run 146a Updated 23/09/20 - Seagrave Road, SW5 to Rectory Lane, SW17
Run 152a Updated 24/09/20 - Townley Road, SE22 to Grange Road, SE1
Run 159a Updated 30/01/21 - Highbury Fields, N5 to Ruckholt Road, E10
Run 160a Updated 03/10/20 - Abbey Lane, E15 to Balls Pond Road, N1
Run 160b Updated 23/09/20 - Balls Pond Road, N1 to Highbury Corner, N1
All New Blue Book Runs 5th Set (161-200)
Run 168a Updated 23/09/20 - Bayswater Station, W2 to St George's Square, SW1
Run 169a Updated 23/09/20 - Victoria Station, SW1 to Liverpool Street Station, EC2
Run 169b Updated 23/09/20 - Liverpool Street Station, EC2 to Leonard Street, EC2
Run 171a Updated 12/10/20 - Union Road, SW8 to Red Lion Square, WC1
Run 170a Updated 23/09/20 - Leonard Street, EC2 to Thessaly Road, SW8
Run 172b Updated 23/09/20 - Eastcheap, EC3 to Blackfriars Station, EC4
Run 174b Updated 04/10/20 - Amelia Street, SE17 to Black Prince Road, SE1
Run 176a Updated 19/10/20 - Hawley Road, NW1 to Bryanston Square, W1
Run 185b Updated 23/09/20 - Princes Circus, WC2 to St Martin's Lane, WC2
Run 199a Updated 23/09/20 - Lordship Road, N16 to Farringdon Station, EC1
Run 200a Updated 23/09/20 - Lever Street, EC1 to Hackney Town Hall, E8
All New Blue Book Runs 6th Set (Runs 201-240)
Run 201a Updated 25/09/20 - Broadway Market, E8 to Camberwell Church Street, SE5
Run 205a Updated 22/11/20 - Latchmere Road, SW11 to Elmbourne Road, SW17
Run 232a Updated 23/09/20 - Peckham Park Road, SE15 to Tulse Hill, SW2
Run 237a Updated 23/09/20 - Albion Square, E8 to Upper Holloway Station, N19
Run 238a Updated 19/10/20 - Archway Station, N19 to Gloucester Gate, NW1
Run 240a Updated 23/09/20 - Highgate Cemetery, N6 to Stoke Newington Church Street, N16
All New Blue Book Runs 7th Set (Runs 241-280)
Run 241a Updated 19/11/20 - Clissold Park, N16 to Wilmington Square, WC1
Run 245a Updated 30/12/20 - Tanner Street, SE1 to Artillery Row, SW1
Run 249a Updated 24/09/20 - Victoria Road, NW6 to De Beauvoir Square, N1
Run 249b Updated 23/09/20 - De Beauvoir Square, N1 to Penn Street, N1
Run 250a Updated 23/09/20 - Penn Street, N1 to Portland Place, W1
Run 252a Updated 23/09/20 - London Bridge Station, SE1 to Squirries Street, E2
Run 257a Updated 23/09/20 - Finsbury Circus, EC2 to Wick Road, E9
Run 260a Updated 23/09/20 - Hackney Central Station, E9 to Sidmouth Street, WC1
Run 262a Updated 23/09/20 - Glamis Road, E1 to Wordsworth Road, N16
Run 264a Updated 07/11/20 - Moorfield Eye Hospital, EC1 to Lansdowne Way, SW8
Run 275a Updated 23/09/20 - Sumner Road, SE15 to South Croxted Road, SE21
Run 280a Updated 15/01/21 - Kirkdale, SE26 to Southwark Crown Court, SE1
Run 280b Updated 23/09/20 - Southwark Crown Court, SE1 to St Paul's Station, EC1
All New Blue Book Runs 8th Set (Runs 281-320)
Run 290b Updated 19/10/20 - Gloucester Avenue, NW1 to Holmes Road, NW1
Run 292a Updated 23/09/20 - Essex Road Station, N1 to Hackney Wick Station, E9
Run 305a Updated 27/09/20 - Cannon Street Station, EC4 to Southgate Road, N1
Run 305b Updated 27/09/20 - Southgate Road, N1 to Pitfield Street, N1
Run 306a Updated 23/09/20 - Pitfield Street, N1 to Junction Road, N19
Run 318b Updated 23/09/20 - Guildhall, EC2 to Bancroft Road, E1
Run 319a Updated 23/09/20 - Bancroft Road, E1 to St Peter's Street, N1



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