Blue Book Updates

Last Update on 10.06.19

For students who have already purchased our Blue Book Runs, please find below PDF's of updates that have occurred due to the ongoing changes around London.
All New Blue Book Runs 1st Set (001-040)
Run 011a Updated 11/05/17 - Timber Pond Road, SE16 to Grocers Hall Court, EC2
Run 011b Updated 18/05/17 - Grocers Hall Court, EC2 to Barbican, EC2
Run 013a Updated 16/04/18 - Beaumont Square, E1 to Cannon Wharf Business Centre, SE8

Run 013b Updated 16/04/18 - Cannon Wharf Business Centre, SE8 to New Cross Station, SE14

Run 032a Updated 30/11/17 - Armoury House, EC1 to Tower Bridge, SE1
Run 032b Updated 30/11/17 - Tower Bridge, SE1 to Sumner Street, SE1
Run 033a Updated 30/11/17 - Sumner Street, SE1 to Mostyn Road, SW9
Run 033b Updated 30/11/17 - Mostyn Road, SW9 to Stockwell Park Road, SW9
All New Blue Book Runs 2nd Set (Runs 041-080)
Run 046a Updated 16/02/17 - Ravensbourne Park, SE6 to Lewisham Station, SE13
Run 046b Updated 16/02/17 - Lewisham Rail & DLR Station, SE13 to Belmont Hill, SE13
Run 047a Updated 16/02/17 - Belmont Hill, SE13 to Pepys Road, SE14
Run 047b Updated 16/02/17 - Pepys Road, SE14 to Sanford Street, SE14
Run 050a Updated 20/12/17 - Lorrimore Square, SE17 to Central Criminal Court, EC4

Run 050b Updated 20/12/17 - Central Criminal Court, EC4 to Southwark Bridge EC4

All New Blue Book Runs 3rd Set (081-120)
Run 089a Updated 13/06/2017 - London Palladium Theatre, W1 to Devonshire Square, EC2

Run 089b Updated 13/06/2017 - Devonshire Square, EC2 to Moorgate Station, EC2

Run 094a Updated 09/09/2018 - Brixton Market, SW9 to Portland Street, SE17
Run 094b Updated 09/09/2018 - Portland Street, SE17 to Penton Place, SE17
All New Blue Book Runs 4th Set (121-160)
Run 137a Updated 29/08/17 - Ormonde Gate, SW3 to Leman Street, E1
Run 137b Updated 29/08/17 - Leman Street, E1 to Wapping Lane, E1
All New Blue Book Runs 5th Set (161-200)  
Run 163a Updated 05/04/19 - Boundary Road, NW8 to Northampton Square, EC1  
Run 163b Updated 05/04/19 - Northampton Square, EC1 to St John's Square, EC1  
Run 173a Updated 02/03/19 - Blackfriars Station, EC4 to Bryanston Street, W1  
Run 173b Updated 02/03/19 - Bryanston Street, W1 to Grosvenor Square, W1  
Run 174a Updated 26/06/18 - Grosvenor Square, W1 to Amelia Street, SE17  
Run 174b Updated 26/06/18 - Amelia Street, SE17 to Black Prince Road, SE1  
Run 193a Updated 26/01/17 - Kensal Road, W10 to Kings Cross Station, N1  
Run 193b Updated 18/05/17 - Kings Cross Station, N1 to Rodney Street, N1  
Run 200a Updated 11/06/19 - Lever Street, EC1 to Hackney Town Hall, E8  
Run 200b Updated 11/06/19 - Hackney Town Hall, E8 to Broadway Market, E2  
All New Blue Book Runs 7th Set (Runs 241-280)  
Run 241Updated 14/06/18 - Clissold Park, N16 to Wilmington Square, WC1  
Run 241b Updated 14/06/18 - Wilmington Square, WC1 to University College Hospital, WC1  
Run 245a Updated 10/09/18 - Tanner Street, SE1 to Artillery Row, SW1  
Run 245b Updated 10/09/18 - Artillery Row, SW1 to Warwick Square, SW1  
All New Blue Book Runs 8th Set (Runs 281-320)  
Run 298a Updated 18/05/17 - Abercorn Place, NW8 to Three Kings Yard, W1  
Run 298b Updated 18/05/17 - Three Kings Yard, W1 to Paddington Street, W1  
Run 305a Updated 18/05/17 - Cannon Street Rail & UG Station, EC4 to Southgate Road, N1  
Run 305b Updated 18/05/17 - Southgate Road, N1 to Pitfield Street, N1  
Run 320a Updated 05/04/19 - Copenhagen Street, N1 to Charing Cross Station, WC2  
Run 320b Updated 05/04/19 - Charing Cross Station, WC2   


Please Note - The updates above are all created as Adobe PFD's. You may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.