KP App Download for Iphone/Ipad

KP App Download for Iphone/Ipad
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Product No.:  009902
Brand:  Knowledge Point School Ltd

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Click on the image to continue with the subscription for the App
Currently it is only available on IOS devices. You must have active subscription to KP Daily Sheets in order to be able to use the App.
By subscribing to the app you will receive the following:
1. One Month Daily Sheet Subscription within the app
2. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports
3. Direct link to our database. No need to upload any files
4. Revise your points and ability to filter your points by any criteria
5. Mark difficult runs and revise them later
6. Mark difficult points and revise them later
7. Bike Pointing List
8. Points Quiz
9. Statistics
10. Notifications
Important Information: When you first open the App you will need to request User ID from KP School. You must have current subscription to KP Daily Sheets or be a member of the school to gain access to the App. Once you have received your User ID you will then need to enter it into registration field to access the App. 
WARNING! Anyone found sharing their personal account, files or data will be immediately banned. We will seek to prosecute anyone who is illegally accessing or sharing the KP App.

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